Sunday, February 20, 2005

From a Global CrossRoads Volunteer in Sri Lanka

BY : Laura Sousa
From: Laura Sousa
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 20:15:45 -0800

Subject: This just in from a volunteer in S.L.

Dear Volunteers,

I'm writing you from Sri Lanka and I want you all to take what I say veryseriously. I arrived on Saturday night. GC was at the airport to pick me up and drove me and 2 other volunteers to Galle where we are working andliving. Actually, we are living in Unawatuna which is about 15 minutes away.

We have accomodation here and 3 meals a day. What you need to understand though is that this place is devastated and disorganized. What Joe said is exactly true, there is a lot of corruption and extreme lack of organization. You can't come here expecting an organized holiday with some relief work thrown in. It's very frustrating. We can arrive on a site at 8:30 and not get to start to work until 9:30 (as was the case today). You have to be prepared for a lot of standing around and waiting and not knowing what you'll be doing for that dayt until after breakfast.

If you're doing the reconstruction project you are no longer building a school. You are building houses for people who lost theirs. The first team started this morning and they will be doing 4 of them. I imagine you will be doing the same or a similar project. Your project is much more organized as we have a new employee from GC who arrived yesterday.

There is tons to do here. Just come with little or no expectations and you will be just fine.


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