Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sri Lanka : Solutions for Children

Shing@lekkerdesigns.com Writes :
I enclose a couple more emails describing the efforts in Ampara, written by Anarkali's mother, in case you are interested please read on. They are starting a child-fostering programme which some of you might be interested in helping to collect funds towards, in your communities.

Solutions for the children

The child protection authority under DR Harendra DE Silva ( a friend
of ours) has a database of orphaned children, Children with one parent
,And they have commenced a foster parent scheme where a donor can give
RS 1500/ month which works out to USD 1800 per child for ten yrs of
fostering a child. The name and address of the child will be given to
the donor and Child protection authority will ensure that the child
receives the money monthly. If any one is willing to participate in
this scheme, which will include the children of Arygambay area, please
let me know.

Meantime I will purchase the school packs for the children, and the
two generators.cooking utensils,and other absolutely essential stuff.

Rohini my sister is returning to night and she can apprise you in detail.
( mobile +65-96338456)


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