Sunday, February 20, 2005

Global Cross Roads : By Frank Walker

From: F Walker
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 14:07:50 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Questions Answered
To: F Walker , BRIAN CHEATER , Fiona O'Connor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hello All,

I spoke with Mohan in length on Friday and am happy to report the following:

I feel Mohan was honest and sincere with answers to my questions and concerns. He shared that Global Crossroads (GC) staff has been over whelmed with the number of volunteers contacting them. I shared that as a volunteer, I became anxious after paying money to a company for an advertised service, and felt a little suspicious with the lack of information. I am satisfied and THANKFUL that GC is making every attempt to provide support, assistance, and especially an opportunity for us to volunteer. I am confident we will be better people because of this experience

My intentions:
I intend to pay Global Crossroads the additional $699.00 tomorrow for lodging, meals and construction materials.

My request to Global Crossroads:

I established a non-profit account four weeks ago and initiated a fund raising effort at work. Mohan estimates $2500.00 US for materials to complete each home in Sri Lanka. My goal when I started was to raise $10,000.00 US. I am a little over half way there and requested GC allow me to utilize these donations and purchase the building materials required to construct four (4) homes.
He indicated they could support this request and would provide volunteers to build these homes.

My request to you:

I respectfully request you join me March 15-28, 2005 and completely construct at least one home. We will dig and pour the footing, construct the foundation, frame the floor, walls, and ceilings. Install windows and doors. I know this may sound unimaginable; however, nothing would bring greater satisfaction than seeing a family once devastated with the loss of their belongings, to once again have a safe place to sleep and call the structure we built as a Team, their home.
As a TEAM we can accomplish this task. Together Everyone Achieves More!



F Walker wrote:

Brian and All,

I have copied Global Crossroads with every e-mail I sent and have yet to receive a reply. I have left voice messages and only once talked to a Global Crossroad employee. I have asked the important questions directly to their staff via e-mail. Not one reply. Let us remember that Global is a for profit organization. These are not volunteers, they are paid staff. It is difficult to manage an efficient operation from another country, however Global has advertised their credentials and so far I have only heard of poor performance. Now, they request personal checks or bank transfers for payment of services required in Sri Lanka. We all know that a credit card company can stop payment if a company fails to comply within the rules. The previous volunteers had that on their side and many requested refunds and only received some of their money. Personally, I believe our reconstruction donations belong in Sri Lanka and not spent on administrative fees in another country and only pennies going to the people.

I’m not the only one who is suspicious. I have received numerous replies from other concerned volunteers and several who have canceled due to lack of feedback from Global Crossroads. I received a call today from a UK volunteer who indicated he has paid all the fee’s and not received a single reply from Global Crossroads regarding his own questions and concerns.

Again, I will ask the questions to Global Crossroads. I respectfully request an immediate reply to all members on this e-mail.

Why has the Global Crossroads volunteer fee's increased from $899.00 in January to $1099.00 in February?

Has Global Crossroads started and/or completed any reconstruction projects? If so, how many, what type, and where?
What changes are currently being made to ensure current scheduled projects will be started and completed on time?

Who is the Project Manager with Architectural design, building/construction experience who will manage these projects?

Who is providing the additional funds to complete construction of these projects? 15 volunteers paying $6000.00 for construction materials is far below the estimated reconstruction costs associated with rebuilding permanent structures.

I'm not passing judgment on anyone. I'm passing along information as received (unfiltered/unedited) so if needed, everyone can make an informed decision on possible complications many of us would never have imagined.

I volunteered to assist in a worth while reconstruction project, not fall victim to unforeseen circumstances and excuses. I am still on board with Global, however I will make contacts with other agencies providing assistance to the deserving men, women and children in Sri Lanka.

Anyone traveling to Sri Lanka and interested in the information I receive regarding other projects requesting volunteers please contact me.

Everyone else, I apologize for the interruption to your day.

Again, it is up to us to make a difference.




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